Jr. Boss – Just Got Out The Feds

Jr. Boss - Just Got Out The Feds

01.J.R. Boss – I’m Thru (Intro) (Feat. Bigga Rankin) [Prod. By LondnBlue] (3:17)

02.J.R. Boss – Ain’t Playin Fair (Feat. Rubberband OG) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (2:50)

03.J.R. Boss – Home Run (Feat. LK Snoop) [Prod. By LondnBlue] (2:51)

04.J.R. Boss – Showed Off [Prod. By Karltin Bankz] (2:58)

05.J.R. Boss – Prices (Feat. Lady K) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (3:18)

06.J.R. Boss – Straight From The Feds (Interlude) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (1:47)

07.J.R. Boss – Henges (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman) [Prod. By Karltin Bankz] (4:09)

08.J.R. Boss – Tempt Me (Feat. X-Quad) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (2:46)

09.J.R. Boss – What It Is [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (2:50)

10.J.R. Boss – Tomorrow [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (3:23)

11.J.R. Boss – Mob Ties (Feat. Eldorado Red) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (2:25)

12.J.R. Boss – Change (Feat. Super Nard) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (2:48)

13.J.R. Boss – Real One [Prod. By Karltin Bankz] (2:53)

14.J.R. Boss – Ain’t Playin Fair (Feat. Rubberband OG & Peanut) (Remix) [Prod. By CLVSSIC] (Bonus) (4:15)

DeRon Beasley is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of FreshAsFrankie.com. After starting out as a musician-producer he went on to study the music business and work in Urban Promotions, followed by artist management. Mr. Beasley entrepreneurial spirit has led him to launch numerous businesses in music and fashion marketing. He’s a huge fan of the ’80s and ’90s Hip Hop and R&B, and he’s a firm believer that Hip Hop Music will never die.

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