The Audible Doctor – Soul Slaps 2 (Mixtape Stream)

The Audible Doctor - Soul Slaps 2 (Mixtape Stream)

(FreshAsFrankie) producer The Audible Doctor is back with the second installment of his “Soul Slaps” mixtape series. 


1. I’ll Call This Track Number 1
2. This Will Be Track 2
3. Maybe This One Can Be Track 3
4. And This Will Be Track 4
5. Then Lets Make This Track 6
6. No, This One Should Be Track 6, That Other One Will Be Track 5
7. I’m Thinking 7
8. Definitely Number Ate For This One
9. I Think I Spelled Eight Wrong On The Last Track
10. Yup, Definitely Spelled It Wrong
11. Whatever Man, I’m Almost Finished
12. Twelb
13. Unlucky Number
14. Four With A One In Front Of It


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