Bond Denied for Ralo Accused of Running ‘Cross-Country Drug Operation

No Bail For Ralo; Feds Say Rapper Smoked On Jet As He Flew With Millions In Weed

Atlanta rapper Ralo is being accused of running a “cross-country drug operation” that allegedly involved him in flying to California to Georgia with millions of dollars worth of marijuana. On Tuesday, a judge denied Ralo’s bond after he was arrested on Sunday in a cargo plane that allegedly had 440 pounds of marijuana on board.

Ralo, along with 8 of his associates, was named in an 11-page criminal complaint. In December, Ralo and his associates reportedly chartered a jet from Atlanta to Sacramento, and federal and local surveillance saw them unloading 37 wrapped packages into a van registered to Ralo’s address. The van was pulled over and recovered 520 pounds of marijuana, worth a reported $1 million.

Four months later, Ralo reportedly chartered another jet to California, and recovered 444 pounds of marijuana from a Chrysler 300 that left the airport. Ralo reportedly stayed on the jet and declined to comply with authorities, but he later exited the plane into the police custody.

More details to come on the situation as the story unfolds.

Source: AJC

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