Cam’Ron Is Planning Legal Action Against The UFC And Mona Scott’s Love & Hip-Hop

(NewsnMusic) Cam’Ron is about to sic his lawyers on Dana White and The UFC over a YouTube promo that uses his song “Welcome To New York City” as well Mona Scott-Young’s“Love & Hip-Hop,” which features the rapper in a commercial.
Cam explained his grievance on social media.“I am not a cast member on ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ I did a scene for Juelz, because he’s on the show. I did a scene for (girlfriend) JuJu, because she’s on the show. I should not be in anybody’s commercials, especially when the paperwork’s not done,” he said with a smile. “Obviously, these people have not done business with me so they don’t know how I get down.”

He also too his kind, but barbed words to the UFC, the premier combat sports league.

“Second order of business is Dana White from the UFC. Who been using my song all week to promote the Colin McGregor fight at Madison Square Garden,” he said. “Once, again nobody reached out to me. We’ll be reaching out tomorrow, me and my lawyer.”

The legal merits of Cam’s claims were not legally known, but check out his comments below.

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