FCC Shut Down Alex Jones’ Radio Show Over $15,000 Unpaid Fine

FCC Shut Down Alex Jones' Radio Show Over $15,000 Unpaid Fine
Controversial far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ flagship pirate radio station was shut down by the FCC. Operators of Liberty Radio, who air Jones’ radio show, have reportedly refused to pay a $15,000 fine from the FCC, who claim they have been operating without a license since 2013.

While the station claims they have stopped radio broadcast in December, they have kept their online stream. Aside from Jones’ show, their lineup includes The Vaccine MythRule of Law Radio, and The Secret Truth with George Butler.

This is the latest blow to Jones’ media presence, as he was banned from nearly every major social media site earlier this year and his content was taken down from YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and other streaming services.

Source: complex.com

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