Florida Man Tried Paying for McDonald’s Order with Bag of Marijuana

Florida Man Tried Paying for McDonald's Order with Bag of Marijuana

A Florida man went to McDonald’s and like any other patron to the Golden Arches, tried to pay for his meal with green. However, 23-year-old Anthony Andrew Gallagher attempted to hand the drive-thru worker a bag of weed instead of money. Police were alerted regarding Gallagher’s attempt at bartering weed for food. Reports say that the McDonald’s worker denied the weed and Gallagher drove off only to return back to the same Mickey D’s restaurant a short time thereafter. 

Although it is unclear if Gallagher tried paying for his food in weed the second time, authorities were already tipped off and confirmed that he fit the description. Gallagher was subsequently arrested and charged with marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

Source: nbcnews.com

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