Jeezy Says A Joint Album With Jay Z Could Happen

(NewsnMusic) Jeezy Says A Joint Album With Jay Z Could Happen

Jeezy and Jay Z have collaborated often throughout their careers and have a great relationship.

During a new interview with Rap-Up, Jeezy discussed working with Hov and left the door open for a possible joint album from them.


“I hollered at him about it, man,” Jeezy said. “I was like, ‘Let’s just go ahead and dot it.’ I guess it was fine at the time, but right now it’s a little tricky out there. So, I wouldn’t even wanna go in like that because we’d really have to go in … ’cause it is me and him. So, we would have to really go in and find a happy medium as far as the sound. But I definitely don’t think it’s impossible. You know what’s crazy? We had talked about it after we went on tour. We had a couple of words about doing a project like that. But at the time time he got busy, I got busy. But it was definitely a conversation had about us doing some type of project. Whether it was an EP or street album.”

What are your thoughts on a possible collaborative project between Hov and The Snowman?

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