Lil Wayne Warns Trash Throwing Fans Not to Piss off His Shooters

Lil Wayne

(FreshAsFrankie) Lil Wayne is not your ordinary rapper. The legendary Young Money creator comes from Hollygrove, New Orleans, a place where crime is just as common as rain. Historically, Wayne has warned crowd goers at his concerts not to throw anything on stage. While at many concerts fans do choose to throw marijuana, mixtapes, or panties on stage at Wayne, we’re sure that he gets enough of each of those things on his own.

As first reported by TMZ, Wayne was performing at the Cannabis Cup at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, when fans began to throw things on stage. The instrumental for “A Mili” comes on, and the crowd begins to sing along to the first verse before Wayne stops the music. “Hold up, all my real people I hear ya’ll, hold up though,” states Wayne. “Let me talk to somebody. Ya’ll throwing stuff on stage. I don’t know if it’s love, ya’ll tryna throw something. But I’m from New Orleans, and we don’t know how to accept that s**t, and I got New Orleans people with me. And all they know how to throw back is shoot. So I don’t want to end this show in a bad way. So let’s just keep it going, don’t throw nothing at me.”

Lil Wayne promptly returned to performing, and it appears that people stopped throwing things on stage.

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