Mase Says The Golden Era Of Bad Boy Was Because Of Him!

Mase Says The Golden Era Of Bad Boy Was Because Of Him!

(FreshAsFrankie) Mase says that after Biggie passed away, it was “his pen” that carried Bad Boy.

The rapper-turned pastor-turned rapper again recently sat down with Angie Martinez and talked about a number of things including his on-going beef with fellow rapper Cam’ron.

Mase also made note of the fact that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for Bad Boy’s reign after Biggie passed.

“They never give me credit for that. All my awards went to Puff. I wrote all of those songs….There were songs I had as my singles that they gave to Biggie for his album… If you knew that Mase was the one doing all of that, you would see me in a different light. Even today, people praise Bad Boy, the real golden era of Bad Boy, I was spearheading. Biggie made it, and I’m not [taking away], I’m under Biggie; I’m nowhere near Biggie. I gotta catch myself, before somebody catch that and try to run with it. I’m saying when Biggie passed away and the company is in ambiguity and everybody is lost and in shambles, it was my pen,” said Mase.

Did you know that Mase was “penning” everything at a certain point? What are your thoughts?

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