Max Kellerman Exposes Jerry Jones For Disrespecting American Flag

Max Kellerman Exposes Jerry Jones For Disrespecting American Flag
(FreshAsFrankie)Patriotism has now been at the forefront of the discussion concerning NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. Once Trump asserted himself into the conversation, the police brutality and systemic oppression of people of color seemed to become the backdrop of why Kaepernick knelt and is no longer employed by the league.

A few weeks ago players, team staff, and owners bonded together in unity and took a knee during the anthem – including Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Whom after participating in that act of protest issued a team policy that all players will stand for the national anthem or will be benched. Now it appears the league as a whole is trying to implement a policy to police the protesting, in a similar way as NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently did.

As as a result, First Take’s Max Kellerman called out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for “violating U.S. flag code” with a flag laid horizontally in his Twitter account background photo. Kellerman also spoke on the Cowboys merchandising the flag and other violations that are listed by law. The commentator scoffs at the idea of organizations and the heads of teams asking players to respect the flag by not kneeling when they also under the law violate the usage of the flag.

Listen to what he had to say above.

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