Men Arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks Settle for $1

Men Arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks Settle for $1

The two black men who were recently arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks have settled for $1. Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson made national headlines when they were arrested after waiting in Starbucks without making a purchase.

Apparently, they were at the coffee shop waiting for a friend, prior to a casual real estate business meeting. According to ABC News New York, they settled with the city for such a small amount for symbolic reasons –also an effort to create something positive from the incident.

Part of the settlement requires officials to set up a $200,000 program for young entrepreneurs. “We thought long and hard about it and we feel like this is the best way to see that change that we want to see,” said Robinson. “It’s not a right-now thing that’s good for right now, but I feel like we will see the true change over time.”

Source: ABC News NY

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