Omelly Ignores Doctor’s Orders, Walks Around Hospital 2 Days After Shooting

Omelly Ignores Doctor's Orders, Walks Around Hospital 2 Days After Shooting
(FreshAsFrankie) Dreamchaser’s rapper Omelly was walking around the hospital while recovering from gun shot wounds in a new video.

Omelly’s stroll through the hospital made it to social media. “They want me to lay in the bed all day. I ain’t gonna lay in no bed,” said Omelly in the clip. He even joked about going to a club while chewing on what looked like a tortilla chip. The rapper was shot over the holiday weekend in North Camden, New Jersey. Shortly after the initial reports hit, Omelly took to social media to let everyone know that he was alright. “Took it and smiled thanks to everyone for the support,” Omelly wrote on his Instagram. Omelly is a Dreamchaser’s member who made an appearance alongside Meek Mill on the “OOOUUU Freestyle” where they both retaliated against The Game. He has shot on the same weekend that Meek appeared at Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival. Meek has yet to comment on the matter, but it seems like Omelly is making a speedy recovery based on the video. Despite being able to walk around freely, the rapper still said he’s feeling some pain after being shot. “I need something for this pain too,” said Omelly to a nurse in the clip. “Imma walk it off.”

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