Soulja Boy Sued For Putting $10,000 Hit On Rival Rapper Skrill Dilly

Putting $10,000 Hit On Rival Rapper
(NewsnMusic) Soulja Boy Sued For Putting $10,000 Hit On Rival Rapper Skrill Dilly

Soulja Boy has been accused of putting out a $10,000 hit on a rival according to a new lawsuit.

Back in August, Soulja Boy became entangled in a feud with rapper Skrill Dilly over his claims of dating Nia Riley.

During their back and forth on social media, Soulja brandished what he later claimed to be a fake gun and threatened to shoot Skrill Dilly or send some “shooters” to his house.

Skrill Dilly’s lawsuit claims that Soulja put a $10,000 bounty on his head and because of the bounty, Skrill has been unable to see his child.

The mother fears for the baby’s safety when the little girl is in the presence of Skrill Dilly.

Skrill Dilly also claims he’s suffered mental distress send the issue and is seeking an undisclosed amount for medical expenses.

In related news, Soulja Boy is still at it with his threats to rappers.

Soulja is currently beefing with rapper Lil Yachty over his alleged relationship with model India Love, who says she isn’t dating either of them.

Soulja has already threatened to slap Lil Yachty, and Yachty has promised to smack Soulja Boy when they cross paths.

Soulja Boy also got into some gun talk with producer Southside of 808 Mafia on social media over the weekend.

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