Statue of Christopher Columbus Torn Down in Yonkers

Statue of Christopher Columbus Torn Down in Yonkers
(FreshAsFrankie) Some members of the Yonkers community have been fuming over the actions of a vandal who destroyed a Christopher Columbus statue in one of the city’s parks.

The head of the bronze-colored monument was found torn off and broken in two pieces next to a trash can in Columbus Memorial Park on Sunday morning, August 27. Authorities are trying to establish whether the act was committed by a juvenile or protesters operating in solidarity with similar actions having been taken throughout the country over the past several weeks. Authorities have reported Columbus monuments in Buffalo and Houston being doused in red paint, and last week in Baltimore the oldest Columbus monument in the country was destroyed in an incident that was recorded and shared across social media.

Within miles of the Westchester County locale where the park is situated, a debate has been brewing over the naming of Columbus Square and the statue overlooking the famous New York City site. Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that he is putting together a statue review commission to discuss the future of the landmark.


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