Trey Songz Will Be On Probation For The Next 18 Months For Tearing Up A Stage In Detroit

Trey Songz Will Be On Probation For The Next 18 Months For Tearing Up A Stage In Detroit
(FreshAsFrankie) According to a report from TMZ, Virginian R&B singer Trey Songz was sentenced to 18 months probation for disturbing the peace after a performance at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena in December left the stage destroyed. Songz plead guilty to the two misdemeanor charges in exchange for the court dropping charges of aggravated assault and obstructing a police officer. He will also have to take anger management classes, submit to mandatory drug tests, and pay a fine for an undisclosed amount.

Had he plead not guilty and lost, the “Bottoms Up” singer would have faced up to four years in prison for allegedly assaulting a police officer during the incident. He reportedly kicked in a speaker, threw around sound equipment, ripped up a drum screen and threw things into the crowd in a fit of pique at being cut off mid-performance after his set ran long. He had already reportedly warned the crowd from the stage, “They say they’re gonna cut my mic off because I’m taking too much time. If they cut me off, text whoever you want to and tweet whoever you want to and tell whoever you want to about it. But if a n*gga cut me off I’m going the f*ck crazy, ya understand?” No one can say he isn’t true to his word. He explained himself during an interview on Breakfast Club, saying, “I definitely felt disrespected, mostly because these people, literally, every tour you’ve seen me on, have been working for me. What people don’t understand is that the people who cut my music off have actually been working for me for seven-eight years, on tour with me, we got personal relationships. And they started my show three minutes late and ended it five minutes early.”

Trey definitely made his point, but it looks like he’ll have plenty of time to decide if it was worth the price

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