Violent Video of NBA Youngboy Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend Surfaces

Violent Video of NBA Youngboy Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend Surfaces

NBA Youngboy has some explaining to do in a recently leaked video.

Youngboy and girlfriend, Jania and their relationship has been a constant topic of criticism. We’ve watched them hit lows, like making his girlfriend sleep in a lobby to have sex with other women. But also highs, like getting each others’ names tattooed on their faces. However, a new video has been released that may show a more disturbing aspect of the couple’s dysfunction.

Alleged footage of NBA assaulting Janai in a hotel hallway has caught a lot of people off guard. The fuzzy recording shows a male pulling and pushing a female around, slamming her to the ground. The victim seemed to be pleading trying to fight against getting brought back into the hotel room. At one point, the force of one yank was so intense her shirt came off as she hit the floor.

It was reported earlier today that Youngboy was arrested in Florida. The rapper was scheduled to appear at a Tallahassee nightclub but never showed up. Police eventually caught up with him on his tour bus and ran his record when they found the warrant for assault, weapons violations, and kidnapping.

This tape and his legal woes can end up being a major player in the “No Smoke” rapper’s career. Last year, major hip-hop publication, XXL, admitted to not working with Famous Dex due to a similar scenario. A tape leak of Dex assaulting his then-girlfriend caused Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten to refuse to have him in the 2017 Freshman Class issue.

In the meantime, NBA is expected to be in court on Monday for his hearing.

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