White Nationalist on Heyer’s Death: “Shouldn’t Be Standing Out In Traffic”

White Nationalist on Heyer's Death: "Shouldn't Be Standing Out In Traffic"

(FreshAsFrankie) Viewers of Miami-Dade/ Broward ABC News affiliate Local 10 got an idea of the level of compassion some Nazi and Alt-Right sympathizers have for slain anti-racist activist Heather Heyer, during a recent interview with a self-proclaimed white nationalist.

Local 10 reporter Amy Viteri sat down with South Florida resident Kyle Hanophy, who drove up to Virginia to be part of the “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville. Hanophy would have a good idea of the violence that went down, as he was one of the many on hand to document the event via video. However, Hanophy wouldn’t narrow down the experience to anything tragic or heinous to any degree at all. In fact, when asked to speak on his impression of the events that unfolded, Hanophy would say only, “It was beautiful.”

Of course, the topic of 32-year-old Heather Heyer’s murder would come up during the one on one conversation, but to Hanophy’s determination, the incident, which injured dozens more wasn’t enough to change what he thought about the day he had long-anticipated. While he never made an excuse for James Fields Jr.’s use of a vehicle to run over counter-protesters, Hanophy was quick to blame Heyer for her own death, posing that someone in the position she was in “shouldn’t be standing out in traffic, I suppose.”

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