Adrien Broner Offers Extra $86 in Child Support to Baby Mamas for Christmas

Adrien Broner Offers Extra $86 in Child Support to Baby Mamas for Christmas

(FreshAsFrankie) Just six days until Christmas, Adrien Broner shared a holiday message with the mother’s of his children on Tuesday (Dec. 19). The message was asking them, in addition to their monthly child support checks, if they would like an extra $86 this month to buy the children Christmas gifts. The boxer suggests that the check sent for the month of December should have been used to do gift shopping. Broner said if this generous offer is declined he’d be investing the money into Bitcoin.

The message reads:

“To all my baby mamas I send y’all monthly checks for my children if you don’t buy they Christmas gift with the money I provided I’ve saved 86$ more for y’all each so if y’all want it let me know if not I can keep my 344$ and buy more bitcoin.”

The 29-year-old then tagged his four baby mothers in the caption, “Just let me know Tesha Tiesha Shay Shay Talena” with the hashtag #BabyMamasMatter.

Following the post was a video previewing the video for his song “Pirate” off his latest mixtape Wanted, which dropped last week. Broner has since been promoting his freestyle of Tay-K’s “The Race.”

Do you agree with AB that child support during the holidays should be used to buy gifts for the children? Or do you feel like that’s an added expense? Let us know in the comments section below.


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