Cardi B Calls Gangs to Action If White Nationalists Show Up in NYC

(FreshAsFrankie) Cardi B was overcome with the spirit of the protest movement to confront white supremacy head on, on Saturday, August 19. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper apparently got word that a group of white nationalists was coming to rally in New York City, and she put an immediate call to action out for the hood to come out and give them a Bronx style welcome.

“White nationalist coming to NY tomorrow. I needs every Brim set, Stones, Blazers, Trey to pop out !!!!! S**t you crip motherf**kers too. UNITED WE MUST STAND !!!,” a message that Cardi shared on Instagram read. In the caption of the post she was more specific about the logistics of the said gathering, and how to best come prepared. “I think n****s going to be in Suffolk County …N****s MUST TAKE THE METRO NORTH AND MAKE IT THERE SOME WAY OR ANOTHER!!!… PUT YA TIMBS ON !”

It was difficult to find any information on a Sunday rally of any sort in Suffolk County. There indeed were a couple of demonstrations in New York City, but they weren’t organized by right-wing or conservative organizations of any sort, except for one that was supposed to bring alt-right supporters together outside of Google headquarters to defend an employee who was fired for sending out an anti-diversity memo. That gathering was scheduled for Saturday, however, and the organizers actually wound up canceling over safety concerns.

Cardi may have been talking about Suffolk, VA, where a protest dubbed “Justice for Dre Peace Rally” was planned in support of 20-year-old Deandre Harris, who’s photo of blood pouring from his head after being attacked by neo-Nazis at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last weekend has spread throughout social media. Unfortunately, that rally too was canceled due to fear that tensions might boil over.

But Cardi may want to keep her collective of NYC’s hardest counter-protesters good and ready for any future Suffolk County rallies, because Long Island certainly does has its share of white supremacist hate groups. In fact, it has been discovered that Christopher Cantwell, the 36-year-old white nationalist rabble-rouser who Vice centered its documentary Charlottesville: Race and Terror around, is actually a former Suffolk County resident who lived on Skylark Lane in Stony Brook.

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