Cardi Pulls Up On Nicki Fan!

Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Are At It Again! Cardi Pulls Up On Nicki Fan!

Cardi fired a shot at her rival over the weekend. How?

Nicki was the featured star on a new song that dropped last week by Karol G. I don’t know this person, but they have enough pull to get Nicki on a track on a Latino-tinged song called “Tusa.”

However, we all know that Cardi B is the “Afro Latina” or whatever she is these days. Apparently, they first tried to get Cardi on the song, which makes plenty of sense since she is in tune with that culture. Nicki is more West Indian/Caribbean. No shade. Just facts. Cardi declined to be on the song, but decided to comment on it. 

She publicly tweeted that Nicki Minaj ONLY got the opportunity because she “passed on it.” Now, it didn’t take Cardi long to delete the tweet, but it was out there long enough. 

What makes this more bizarre is that Cardi B has a new song that is with Anuel -Karol G’s fiancé! The world is small, but damn! 

Now, moving on…Cardi is a real one. 

One of Nicki’s doting “Barbz,” that happens to be a man popped sh#t over the internet. and guess what Cardi did…she pulled up in real life! She told them, “I’m not about trolling— I pull the f#ck up.”

Pop Crave@PopCrave · Nov 8, 2019

Cardi B ‘pulled up’ on a Nicki Minaj fan in the streets of New York.

The fan wasn’t happy with the rapper allegedly shading Minaj by saying she “passed on” Karol G’s “Tusa.”

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Pop Crave@PopCrave

Cardi B responds to the two men after they claimed they were simply trolling:

“I’m not about trolling— I pull the f*ck up.”1,5204:15 AM – Nov 8, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy337 people are talking about this

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