Lil Mo and Her Husband Appear on ‘Couples Court’ Behind Him Cheating

Lil Mo and Her Husband Appear on 'Couples Court' Behind Him Cheating
(FreshAsFrankie) Lil Mo recently appeared on Couples Court to confront her husband Karl Dargan about apparent infidelity. According to Lil Mo, her son Justin tipped her off to some incriminating evidence when he searched Dargan’s name on Google. Mo said of her husband, “Every year it happens at the same time, […] And then people always slide me a message — this one lady said, somebody was just like, ‘Hey. Pay me this amount to make it go away.” Lil Mo stated that she wasn’t about the extortion and said the women need to find a better hustle.

Karl Dargan attempted to defend his case saying that he has been faithful as of late despite cases of infidelity in the past. Dargan told the courtroom:

I used to be out here. I used to be out here dealing with multiple women at times, you know, five/six women at one time. Basically, I was a THOT. I had no intentions of getting married, I had no intentions on ever being with one woman but I was trying to work on it and I told her, listen, I’m out here, […] It’s not an overnight process but I’ll try the best I can. I slipped up and got caught up.

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