Man Gets Locked Up While Trying To Reclaim His Cocaine

Man Gets Locked Up While Trying To Reclaim His Cocaine
(FreshAsFrankie) A Connecticut man got himself arrested when he went to a Waterbury precinct to retrieve a bag he left at the scene of an incident they responded to. As it turned out, after the bag was submitted to them, police say they discovered a “moderate amount” of crack cocaine inside of it. He is being held on $11,000 bond.

It was one thing that Davie McMillian, 23, made a poor choice by returning to reclaim the incriminating evidence, but he’d go one further by showing up for the bag with a woman who happened to have a no-contact protective order against him. Reports do not clarify what the incident was that originally drew the attention of law enforcement to the Shelton location where his bag was recovered. But the counts against him do not reflect that he was being dealt any infraction for what occurred prior to authorities coming into possession of the drug. He is facing faces charges of illegal possession of narcotics and violation of a protective order.

McMillian’s case is similar to that of a Florida man who contacted a 911 dispatcher to report that someone had broken into his car to steal $50 and a quarter ounce stash of cocaine from the center console.

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