Police Fatally Shoot T Boz’s ‘Mentally Ill’ Cousin 18 Times

Police Fatally Shoot T Boz's 'Mentally Ill' Cousin 18 Times
Police Fatally Shoot T Boz's 'Mentally Ill' Cousin 18 Times
Police Fatally Shoot T Boz's 'Mentally Ill' Cousin 18 Times
(FreshAsFrankie) T-Boz of TLC has been actively challenging details provided by authorities on the death of a cousin of hers who was gunned down by a police officer following an alleged robbery in Chicago last week.

In a call for justice, the 47-year-old singer has taken to Twitter and Instagram over the past several days to argue the circumstances of the Eddie Russell Jr., 25, killing. The Chicago Police Department reports that it was able to identify Russell, Jr. as the suspect in the stick up of a First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust at 3037 N. Sterling Ave.on September 20. According to the report, they were able to track Russell, Jr. to his home in the 2800 block of West Sheffield Drive shortly after the 12:49 p.m. incident, and spent more than an hour trying to get him to turn himself in. Finally at 3:46 p.m. When he finally reared up, Russell Jr. allegedly approached the officers with a gun in hand. He was shot 18 times.

According to T-Boz, there are several mistruths in the case. For one, she disputes that her cousin was holding a gun, and even went so far as to post a surveillance photo of him at the bank with his hand extended. While it is clear that there is something black in Russell Jr.’s hand, T-Boz charged that it clearly wasn’t a firearm. Upon his capture, the police confirmed that it appeared to be the very gun used during the robbery. She also suspects that the officers knew he was mentally ill and is accusing them of deceiving her aunt and setting Russell up by telling the woman that they were going to get her son the help he needs before she convinced him to come out. T-Boz also lashed out about the officers not wearing body cameras and allegedly leaving his body at the scene for more than eight hours.

Source: nbcchicago.com

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