Tekashi69 Airport Brawl Was Trigged by Him Disrespecting Women

Tekashi69 Airport Brawl Was Trigged by Him Disrespecting Women

The man who stepped up to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Trey Way clique and initiated the fight has come forward with a motive for the confrontation. Turns out it wasn’t about ‘checking’ Tekashi before he left L.A.

According to Acie High of the Texas rap group, Aqualeo, shortly after dropping a couple of female friends off at LAX airport, he and his homie wound up circling back to address a group of men who they saw harassing them.

Initially, “rainbow man” (as he referred to 6ix9ine) was nowhere to be seen, and thus, the smoke really didn’t have anything to do with him from the start. But Acie says there coincidentally is some history involving the way 6ix9ine has treated his fans of the opposite gender. So the way he sees it, the whole situation wound up crystalizing in “perfect alignment” when Tekashi came outside and he realized who he had managed to run into.

“When we got there and he did that to our sisters – and was bothering them, they didn’t wanna f*** with him, you know what I’m saying? So, his entourage got upset and they had some words about it. And so we had some words about it and then one thing turned into another,” the man said.

Source: tmz.com

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