Tyrese Investigated For Child Abuse

Tyrese Investigated For Child Abuse
(FreshAsFrankie) Due to an accusation laid on him by ex-wife Norma Gibson, Tyrese is being investigated for child abuse.

It is reported that Norma has stepped up their contentious custody battle by filing for a permanent restraining order with the court on Tuesday, October 3. According to her complaint, Tyrese once beat their daughter so hard that she could not sit down. It was one of between 12 and 16 beatings that Norma claims to recall the actor giving their 10-year-old girl. The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has delved into the matter.

The restraining order would prevent Tyrese from administering physical discipline to their daughter from here on out. Norma has also requested that Tyrese enroll in domestic violence courses, and she’s expressed her fears to the court that he may be a flight risk liable to abduct the child and take her to Dubai, where he has established himself over the years.

Tyrese is denying the allegations and countering that Norma, to whom he was wed between the years 207 and 2009, is simply angry that he has moved on without her. His attorney Terry Levich Ross reportedly had some choice words for his client’s ex-wife, telling TMZ: “She’s a lying piece of s***. Tyrese is devastated. He’s a good guy and I will prove that.”

Source: tmz.com

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