Pimp C’s Wife Reveals All UGK Archives Were Lost in Hurricane Harvey

Pimp C's Wife Reveals All UGK Archives Were Lost in Hurricane Harvey
(FreshAsFrankie) Among the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey were valuable pieces of Hip-Hop, and in particular, Houston history.

Today, Chinara Butler, the wife of the legendary rapper Pimp C, announced that all of the UGK archives were lost during the hurricane. Despite the devastating loss, Pimp C’s wife kept perspective mentioning the archives as a way to highlight the importance of what really matters; life and being thankful for it.

Check out her post above.

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Controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Finally Resigns

Controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Resigns


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Judge Rules That Rapper Tay-K Will Be Tried as an Adult in Murder Case

(FreshAsFrankie) Texas-born rapper Tay-K was scheduled to appear in court today (August 31), but his date was postponed. Tay-K, born Tamor McIntyre, is facing capital murder charges, which carries a life imprisonment sentence or the death penalty.

Tay-K’s appearance was postponed due to lack of evidence. His lawyer, James McMillan, spoke earlier this week about Tay-K’s case. McMillan, who previously represented Kodak Black, sai: “The Race” rapper “has this dire situation on his back, but this opportunity on the other hand. I’m tasked with trying to make sure we maximize his opportunities so he can mount as strong of a criminal defense as possible.”

New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli spoke to McMillan on Wednesday (August 30), and he was told that Tay-K would be tried as an adult in the case. The judge told Tay-K that the decision to move the case to adult court had no bearing of his guilt or innocence the case, and added that officers testified that there was no evidence that the rapper had weapons or engaged in any violent acts. McMillan went on to say that he believes Tay-K will be exonerated on all the charges.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the details of Tay-K’s case.

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San Antonio Cop Pulls Out Gun on Man for Filming Him on His Property

San Antonio Cop Pulls Out Gun on Man for Filming Him on His Property
(FreshAsFrankie) Many citizens are unaware that is it is legal to film police in your state, because most times, officers end up arresting and sometimes assaulting those who try to film them while they’re on duty. Now, a video has surfaced of a San Antonio, Texas police officer pulling a gun on a man who was trying to film authorities while on his own property.

In the video, a young man is filming a traffic stop while right outside of his house because he took notice of the officers being unnecessarily rough to his friends. However, the police noticed the young man was recording and proceeded to come towards him yelling. Within seconds of their interaction, the officer pulls his pistol on the young man filming, screaming at him to “Come here!” From there, the situation escalates as the cop takes the phone from the man and proceeds to handcuff him. The cop can be heard saying to the man “You don’t walk up on police officers like that,” even though the man was only filming on his property. Watch above.

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Statue of Christopher Columbus Torn Down in Yonkers

Statue of Christopher Columbus Torn Down in Yonkers
(FreshAsFrankie) Some members of the Yonkers community have been fuming over the actions of a vandal who destroyed a Christopher Columbus statue in one of the city’s parks.

The head of the bronze-colored monument was found torn off and broken in two pieces next to a trash can in Columbus Memorial Park on Sunday morning, August 27. Authorities are trying to establish whether the act was committed by a juvenile or protesters operating in solidarity with similar actions having been taken throughout the country over the past several weeks. Authorities have reported Columbus monuments in Buffalo and Houston being doused in red paint, and last week in Baltimore the oldest Columbus monument in the country was destroyed in an incident that was recorded and shared across social media.

Within miles of the Westchester County locale where the park is situated, a debate has been brewing over the naming of Columbus Square and the statue overlooking the famous New York City site. Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that he is putting together a statue review commission to discuss the future of the landmark.

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Kodak Black – Black Cat (Video)

Kodak Black - Black Cat (Video)
(FreshAsFrankie) After “1000“, Kodak Black is back with yet another new track and accompanying video ‘Black Cat (KUNTA KENTAE)’ which is directed by Kodak himself along with Wavylord.

Georgia Cop Lt. Greg Abbott Tries To Calm Scared White Driver By Telling Her: “We Only Kill Black People” (Video)

Georgia Cop Lt. Greg Abbott Tries To Calm Scared White Driver By Telling Her: "We Only Kill Black People" (Video)



(FreshAsFrankie) A Georgia cop has been placed on administrative duties, pending an internal investigation after video surfaced of a July of 2016 DUI traffic stop, where he tries to calm a nervous white driver by telling her she didn’t need to worry because police only kill African Americans.

The woman told Lt. Greg Abbott that she was afraid to reach for the mobile phone in her lap because she had seen too many videos of motorists being shot by cops.

“But you’re not black. Remember, we only kill black people,” Abbott responds. “Yeah. We only kill black people, right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen white people killed?”


The video was obtained by WSB-TV through an open records request.

“We saw the video and we’re going to deal with it,” Cobb County Chief Mike Register told WSB. “No matter what context it was said in, it should not have been said.”

Abbott’s attorney responded to the video via a statement to TMZ: “He was attempting to de-escalate a situation involving an uncooperative passenger. In context, his comments were clearly aimed at attempting to gain compliance by using the passenger’s own statements and reasoning to avoid making an arrest.”


Abbott has been canned from his job with the Cobb County Police Department.

“There’s really no place for these types of comments in law enforcement,” Cobb County Chief Mike Register said during a news conference Thursday. “I don’t know what was in his heart, but I know what came out of his mouth. In no context can I tolerate this type of language.”

MoneyBagg Yo Breaks Down ‘Real Me’ Lyrics & Meaning (Video)

MoneyBagg Yo Breaks Down 'Real Me' Lyrics & Meaning (Video)
(FreshAsFrankie) MoneyBagg Yobecame affiliated with Yo Gotti’s CMG label late last year and broke through with his 2017 mixtape ‘Heartless‘ shortly afterward.

One of the project’s standout songs is the Track Gordy-produced “Real Me.” The song has 119,000 plays on Soundcloud, and its accompanying video has over 1.7 million YouTube views. “Real Me” is Moneybagg Yo at his most honest, describing the realities he’s been facing since gaining traction as a rapper.

Watch JAY-Z Read New Poem ‘Dream. On’

Watch JAY-Z Read New Poem 'Dream. On'
(FreshAsFrankie) JAY-Z will headline the annual Budweiser Made In America festival next month and has shared an inspiring new poem, “Dream. On” in anticipation of the show. In the clip, Hov talks about his youth and growing up in the Marcy Houses of Brooklyn.

Watch it below.

“I’m from where dreaming ain’t allowed, especially when you dreaming aloud/Enough to dream your self-esteem into clouds/It takes tears, sweat, blood, five CCs/’Cuz I know what a kid in apartment 5C seed/Heaven knows all I had was hella hope, speed dating with destiny, I couldn’t tell her nope/When I first saw stars, television was my telescope/For me, something that could see me free was a bar/Through diamonds in the sky that never came down, now that’s a star/My vision was big enough to get me out of the space, I wanted to pass how far I see/I wondered could a kid from Mars see, a kid from Marcy,” spits Jay Z during the poem.

The “Dream. On.” clip will play at the beginning of Jay-Z’s set at Made in America fest, which takes place September 2nd and 3rd in Philadelphia. The lineup also includes J. ColeSolangethe Chainsmokers and Migos.

Man Diagnosed With Throat Cancer Murders Friend Who Introduced Him To Cigarettes

Man Diagnosed With Throat Cancer Murders Friend Who Introduced Him To Cigarettes
(FreshAsFrankie) A 25-year old man who had been diagnosed with throat cancer murdered the friend that introduced him to cigarettes.

The Hindustatin Times reports that upon learning of the diagnosis, Mustakeem Ahmad became so enraged he purchased a gun, practiced shooting so he wouldn’t miss his target and shot dead the victim, 25-year old Inayat, at the restaurant where the two had worked together as chefs in West Delhi.

Ahmad was also upset that Inayat was performing better on the job.

“Though Ahmad and Inayat were friends at the workplace, Inayat was reportedly better at his job and well-behaved and soon became the favorite of the restaurant owner,” police told the Hindustan Times.

Ahmad was eventually fired from the job. He decided he would either get Inayat fired or kill him.

On Thursday, August 24, he returned to the restaurant to carry out his plan.

“He was carrying his loaded pistol to the restaurant. Ahmad had planned to kill Inayat if he failed to get him fired from the job. That is what eventually happened. Ahmad ended up picking a fight with Inayat. He later shot at him in the middle of the argument,” said an investigator.

Ahmad fled the scene but was later captured by police.