Adrien Broner Offers Extra $86 in Child Support to Baby Mamas for Christmas

Adrien Broner Offers Extra $86 in Child Support to Baby Mamas for Christmas

(FreshAsFrankie) Just six days until Christmas, Adrien Broner shared a holiday message with the mother’s of his children on Tuesday (Dec. 19). The message was asking them, in addition to their monthly child support checks, if they would like an extra $86 this month to buy the children Christmas gifts. The boxer suggests that the check sent for the month of December should have been used to do gift shopping. Broner said if this generous offer is declined he’d be investing the money into Bitcoin.

The message reads:

“To all my baby mamas I send y’all monthly checks for my children if you don’t buy they Christmas gift with the money I provided I’ve saved 86$ more for y’all each so if y’all want it let me know if not I can keep my 344$ and buy more bitcoin.”

The 29-year-old then tagged his four baby mothers in the caption, “Just let me know Tesha Tiesha Shay Shay Talena” with the hashtag #BabyMamasMatter.

Following the post was a video previewing the video for his song “Pirate” off his latest mixtape Wanted, which dropped last week. Broner has since been promoting his freestyle of Tay-K’s “The Race.”

Do you agree with AB that child support during the holidays should be used to buy gifts for the children? Or do you feel like that’s an added expense? Let us know in the comments section below.


LiAngelo and LaMelo Have Been Turned Down by European Teams

LiAngelo and LaMelo Have Been Turned Down by European Teams
(FreshAsFrankie) Things went smoothly for Lonzo Ball, playing at Chino Hills High School, then one year at UCLA, and ultimately being drafted in the lottery by the Los Angeles Lakers, just like his dad LaVar Ball planned. Things haven’t gone quite so well for Lonzo’s younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo. Thanks in part to their boisterous dad, the Ball brothers have been thrust into the spotlight with all eyes on their every move and some have been very questionable.

Earlier this year, LaVar pulled LaMelo out of Chino Hills High School after disagreements with their new basketball coach, Dennis Latimore. LaVar’s boys were the big draws for the school and he felt it entitled him to a say in the basketball program. Latimore said LaMelo’s days of taking 50 shots a game were over and LaVar wasn’t with it. Though the move was criticized, it wasn’t too bad since LaMelo is just a junior, still eligible to play AAU ball and has a standing offer at UCLA. LaVar, however, then took things a step further.

LiAngelo was indefinitely suspended from the UCLA basketball team after he and two teammates were arresting for stealing items from a Louis Vuitton store in China during a team trip. LaVar responded by pulling the freshman baller from the school. That move was met with much more scrutiny. LiAngelo needs a lot of work and he has no chance of being drafted in June, according to ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

Now both boys are without teams and very much in need of development and actual playing exposure. Some basketball insiders have floated the idea of LiAngelo and LaMelo potentially playing overseas, and though they have enough name recognition to draw some interest, the move isn’t as easy as perceived.

Most teams overseas have already begun their seasons, so adding the Ball brothers isn’t exactly feasible. Also, some teams will likely be wary about signing them knowing that LaVar and the issues he brings is apart of the deal.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Lithuanian team, Lietkabelis Panevezys was interested in signing both Ball brothers, but the team’s head coach Arturs Stalberg shut that down, noting that the team has openings in security since they’re experienced in that field.

Though there are some substantial issues, LaVar might have a trick up his sleeve. The polarizing figure has managed to turn his boys into well-known figures and turn a hefty profit. Their names alone will likely draw interest from someone at some point.


Derrick Rose May Walk Away From $80M Shoe Deal

Derrick Rose May Walk Away From $80M Shoe Deal

(FreshAsFrankie) Recently, Derrick Rose took an indefinite leave-of-absence from the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to reports, the point guard was hit with an ankle injury that he caught on November 7, which put him on the sidelines since then. Because of that, Rose is reportedly considering his future in the NBA, as well as an early retirement.

Now, the 29-year-old who is on a one-year contract with the Cavs may walk away from $80 million on his Adidas deal he signed in 2012.

ESPN reported that Adidas is “protected” from Rose’s current situation. The contract between Rose and Adidas states that the company is responsible for making and marketing a new Derrick Rose signature shoe every year he plays. However, if Rose decides to retire as reports have stated, then the remaining seven years of the deal are not required to pay out.

The extension on the deal Rose and Adidas made was for $185 million over 13 years.


Lil Mo and Her Husband Appear on ‘Couples Court’ Behind Him Cheating

Lil Mo and Her Husband Appear on 'Couples Court' Behind Him Cheating
(FreshAsFrankie) Lil Mo recently appeared on Couples Court to confront her husband Karl Dargan about apparent infidelity. According to Lil Mo, her son Justin tipped her off to some incriminating evidence when he searched Dargan’s name on Google. Mo said of her husband, “Every year it happens at the same time, […] And then people always slide me a message — this one lady said, somebody was just like, ‘Hey. Pay me this amount to make it go away.” Lil Mo stated that she wasn’t about the extortion and said the women need to find a better hustle.

Karl Dargan attempted to defend his case saying that he has been faithful as of late despite cases of infidelity in the past. Dargan told the courtroom:

I used to be out here. I used to be out here dealing with multiple women at times, you know, five/six women at one time. Basically, I was a THOT. I had no intentions of getting married, I had no intentions on ever being with one woman but I was trying to work on it and I told her, listen, I’m out here, […] It’s not an overnight process but I’ll try the best I can. I slipped up and got caught up.

LiAngelo Ball Could Face Up to 10 Years in China for Alleged Shoplifting

LiAngelo Ball Could Face Up to 10 Years in China for Alleged Shoplifting


LiAngelo Ball Could Face Up to 10 Years in China for Alleged Shoplifting

(FreshAsFrankie) LiAngelo Ball, along with his two other UCLA co-defendants could face between 3-10 years for the shoplifting charge if standard practices apply.
The sentencing could shift depending on the amount Chinese authorities are able to prove was stolen. China understands shoplifting as “robbing public or private property using force, coercion, or other methods.” According to William Nee, a Hong-Kong based legal researcher, Ball and his co-defendants could be in quite a bit of trouble if it’s proven that they actually stole the items but added, “However, part of it will depend on whether their lawyers, the university, or the U.S. consulate can advocate and negotiate on their behalf.”


LiAngelo Ball Could Face Up to 10 Years in China for Alleged Shoplifting

LaVar Ball’s middle son LiAngelo and two of his UCLA teammates, freshmen Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, were arrested in China on Tuesday for alleged shoplifting.

According to ESPN, the players are being accused of stealing from a Louis Vuitton store next to their hotel in Shanghai. 20 local police reportedly showed up to the Hyatt Hangzhou to question both Georgia Tech and UCLA players, who were set to play in their season opener in China on Friday. The players were reportedly placed in a room for hours and not allowed to speak to their coaches.

UCLA released a statement on the matter, “We are aware of a situation involving UCLA student-athletes in Hangzhou, China. The University is cooperating fully with local authorities on this matter, and we have no further comment at this time.”

Georgia Tech also followed up with a statement of their own, “During the questioning, it was determined that Georgia Tech student-athletes were not involved in the activities being investigated. They have resumed their scheduled activities in advance of Saturday’s season opener versus UCLA in Shanghai.”

We’ll be sure to update you on the details when they are available.

Source: ESPN

Colin Kaepernick Invited to Next Meeting with NFL Owners

Colin Kaepernick Invited to Next Meeting with NFL Owners
(FreshAsFrankie) Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is expected to receive an invite to the next meeting between NFL players and team owners, according to league sources.

“We look forward to him joining the conversation,” NFL vice president of communications Joe Lockhart said in a conference call on Wednesday. According to Lockhart, Kaepernick’s invitation would likely come from the players.

“My understanding is Colin Kaepernick has been invited to these last two meetings. He has been in the discussion with the players’ coalition. Lockhart said. “I expect that he will be invited to this meeting. We look forward to him joining the conversation with the (NFL Players Association), but I don’t have any confirmation that he’s planning to attend.”

Last week, the NFL and NFLPA held a meeting to discuss the ongoing protests during the national anthem. According to Kap’s former teammate Eric Reid, the quarterback did not attend because he was not officially invited by the league.

Kaepernick, who filed a collusion claim against the NFL, remains unemployed. Recently, Kap’s former NFC West rival, Richard Sherman said he believes the league is making an example out of the quarterback. “I think they had a point to make, and they made it.’’


Cam Newton Rolls Eyes at Reporter; Abruptly Walks out of Press Conference

Cam Newton Rolls Eyes at Reporter; Abruptly Walks out of Press Conference

(FreshAsFrankie) Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton‘s contentious relationship with the media was exacerbated Wednesday after the 28-year-old walked out of a press conference mid-interview.

Things were going smoothly until a Charlotte Observer reporter questioned Newton about his team’s offense.

“The big plays, the big chunk plays that get you that energy you’re talking about, is this offense – I know you had several at Detroit and New England – do you guys have the wherewithal to do that consistently, week in and week out?” he asked.

Newton, visibly annoyed, rolled his eyes and simply responded, “Next question.” As a reporter began asking one, Newton abruptly turned and walked away from the podium.

The Panthers quickly went into damage control, chalking the incident up to Newton believing he had answered enough questions for the week.

“Cam didn’t intend to be discourteous toward any specific media member,” the team said in a statement. “In his mind after answering questions for nine minutes he had fulfilled his obligations.”

Newton was last in the news a couple of weeks ago when he mocked a female reporter for asking him about his receivers’ routes.

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes,” he said.

The comment created an enormous backlash, with Newton facing accusations of sexism.

Watch his latest interaction with the media up top.


Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Reportedly Expecting a Baby Boy

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Reportedly Expecting a Baby Boy
(FreshAsFrankie) Khloe Kardashian is reportedly pregnant; she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting a baby boy, multiple sources confirmed to Us Weekly.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has not confirmed her pregnancy, but news broke in late September that she is with child. Kardashian, 33, has been open about wanting a baby. According to Us Weekly, she visited a specialist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a 20-week checkup on October 9.

As for her relationship with Thompson, 26, it is also progressing. “Marriage is definitely in the cards,” the insider told Us. “They are just waiting for the right time to move forward. Khloe doesn’t want to rush into anything.”

The Good American designer was previously married to former NBA star Lamar Odom. They divorced after his issues with drug and alcohol abuse as well as infidelity.

Her new beau Thompson has a young son from a previous relationship with Jordan Craig, whom he reportedly left to be with Khloe.

There are reports that Khloe isn’t the only Kardashian expecting. There are also articles that her younger sister Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott. Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are expecting their third child, a baby girl, via surrogate.

Source: Us Weekly

Max Kellerman Exposes Jerry Jones For Disrespecting American Flag

Max Kellerman Exposes Jerry Jones For Disrespecting American Flag
(FreshAsFrankie)Patriotism has now been at the forefront of the discussion concerning NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. Once Trump asserted himself into the conversation, the police brutality and systemic oppression of people of color seemed to become the backdrop of why Kaepernick knelt and is no longer employed by the league.

A few weeks ago players, team staff, and owners bonded together in unity and took a knee during the anthem – including Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Whom after participating in that act of protest issued a team policy that all players will stand for the national anthem or will be benched. Now it appears the league as a whole is trying to implement a policy to police the protesting, in a similar way as NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently did.

As as a result, First Take’s Max Kellerman called out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for “violating U.S. flag code” with a flag laid horizontally in his Twitter account background photo. Kellerman also spoke on the Cowboys merchandising the flag and other violations that are listed by law. The commentator scoffs at the idea of organizations and the heads of teams asking players to respect the flag by not kneeling when they also under the law violate the usage of the flag.

Listen to what he had to say above.

New Marlins Owner Derek Jeter Says His Players Have Right To Protest

New Marlins Owner Derek Jeter Says His Players Have Right To Protest
(FreshAsFrankie) Former New York Yankees’ captain and current Miami Marlins’ co-owner Derek Jeter was asked his thoughts about athletes kneeling during the national anthem and if he would join in the protest.

“Would I? I’m not playing,” said Jeter Wednesday night at Cipriani Wall Street, where his Turn 2 Foundation celebrated its 21st-anniversary dinner.

“The thing that I think is frustrating, this whole rhetoric that is going back and forth. People lose sight of the fact of why someone was kneeling,” said Jeter. “They’re focused so much on the fact that they are kneeling as opposed to what they’re kneeling for. Peaceful protests are fine. You have your right to voice your opinion. As long as it’s a peaceful protest, everyone should be fine with that.”

Jeter was referring to the current rhetoric being spewed by President Donald Trump and others who suggest that kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag, the country, and the military. Colin Kaepernick initially began the demonstration to protest against racism, oppression, and police brutality against black people. Jeter noted that people are more focused on the form of protest as opposed to why they’re protesting.

One of Jeter’s other business ventures is the Players’ Tribune, his website that allows former and current athletes to voice their unfiltered thoughts and opinions. Many of The Players’ Tribune contributors have written about social issues, so it’s no surprise that Jeter has sided with them on this topic.