Teen killed in Greensboro shooting identified as Fantasia Barrino’s Nephew

Teen killed in Greensboro shooting identified as

(FreshAsFrankie) Fantasia Barrino‘s dealing with another family tragedy — the death of her oldest nephew, Tyquan … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources … the singer’s 18-year-old nephew died of multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday morning following an argument at a Greensboro, North Carolina residential complex that spilled out into the street.

Paramedics attempted life-saving measures on Ty, and he was transported to Moses Cone Hospital … but died shortly after. Cops have arrested a 21-year-old suspect, who’s been charged with first degree murder.

Barrino posted the sad news on her Instagram Tuesday, saying … “Auntie is So Sorry Baby. RIP to my Oldest Nephew Please Pray for his Mother and my Brother & his Stepdad.” Tyquan, who went by T.W., was the son of Fantasia’s musician brother, Ricco.

Ricco tells TMZ … he’s completely devastated, because he didn’t get to see T.W. in the morning Tuesday like he usually does, and now he’s gone.

It’s been a rough stretch for Fantasia’s family … her brother Xavier has been in the hospital for months recovering from a critical motorcycle injury, as well.TMZ

50 Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather’s “Jumanji” Outfit

 50 Cent has trolled Floyd Mayweather Jr. for years, and the mending of their friendship after a tumultuous period between them doesn’t necessarily mean that he intends to stop. The hip-hop mogul just had to take a couple of moments out of his Saturday (February 10) to clown his TMT fam over the fashion sense exhibited in an image he hasn’t been able to get over.

For over a week, a photo of Mayweather standing next to Antonio Brown on the court before the Timberwolves recent game against the Bucks has been going viral – thanks to the bizarre aesthetic of their attire.

Mayweather and Brown were just a couple of celebrities in the house for what was a star-studded occasion leading to the Super Bowl in Minnesota. Despite being in the company of Gucci Mane, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Jon, coach Bill Belichick and others, it was the sporting world kings who stood out from the pack. Brown’s baby blue suit had some on social media wondering whether he was going Easter egg hunting, and Mayweather’s get-up had others cracking about him going hunting.

Champ I️ love you to death but where the f**k was you going in this outfit,” 50 wrote in the caption of his first Instagram post directed at Mayweather. He’d then put up a second image, which had the retired champ superimposed on a Jumanji poster. “Champ on his movie s**t that’s all. The Rock ain’t got shit on Champ,” the post read.

Quavo From Migos Goes At Joe Budden in NEW Song/Video “Ice Tray” (Preview)

Quavo From Migos Goes At Joe Budden in NEW Song/Video "Ice Tray" (Preview)
 Quavo From Migos Goes At Joe Budden in NEW Song/Video "Ice Tray" (Preview)

(FreshAsFrankie) Quavo From Migos Goes At Joe Budden in NEW Song/Video “Ice Tray”

Future Pays Rocko Seven Figures to Settle Lawsuit

Future Pays Rocko Seven Figures to Settle Lawsuit


(FreshAsFrankie) It looks like the legal battle between Future and Rocko that’s been going on for well over a year may have at long last reached a resolution.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, legal teams for both sides have requested a dismissal of the case which involved a breach of contract lawsuit from Rocko and countersuit from Future.

As some may recall, Rocko sued Future early last summer over a claim that he failed to hold up his end of a business deal. Future signed a deal with Rocko’s A1 Recordings in 2011, and he allegedly agreed to put out six albums with the label. According to Rocko, Epic Records signed on to distribute the albums but Future allegedly cut a side deal that allowed the rapper to see multi-million dollar advances for the project. In the suit, Rocko was originally seeking $10 million.

Future fired back with a suit of his own, claiming that the advances he received from Epic were not contractually conflicting. The suit also claimed Rocko didn’t honor the deal because he never covered any recording costs or paid Future an arranged $10,000 advances per album.

Now that the case has been dismissed, it appears Rocko came out on top after his lawyers told TMZ he’s happy with the “very successful result.”

Sources tell the site Rocko’s payout was in the seven-figure range.

Source: tmz.com

Cam’ron Says He’s Proud of Mase for “Finally Showing Some Guts”

Cam'ron Says He's Proud of Mase for "Finally Showing Some Guts"

(FreshAsFrankie) Friday, Mase dropped a scathing diss record “The Oracle” that took aim at Cam’ron and laid out secrets of the Dipset head honcho that goes back decades. The following day after mocking Pastor Betha on social media, Cam dropped a response track entitled, “Dinner Time.” WIth that rap opinions went soaring on who was the victor in the battle.

While Mase revisited his Murda Ma$e days and laid out some harsh claims about Cam, it doesn’t seem like either of them are taking the records too personally. Even commenting on them and saying they were brothers regardless of it all, shortly following the incident on Instagram.

However, that hasn’t stopped Mase from letting the rap world know he “unanimously” won the battle. Cam’ron has revealed to Complex that he was thrown off by the diss, but let’s take into consideration he openly threw shots at Mase on his new mixtape prior to Mase responding. “I put a project out called The Program two weeks ago and I told a story about something that happened in Harlem so basically he was probably upset that I told the story,” Cam revealed.

Despite it all, he said he’s proud of his former close friend. “It was out the blue, but I’m proud of him, he finally showed some guts after like 15 years. It took him 15 years, but I was really proud of him when I heard that,” Cam stated. The Diplomat said Mase finally “showed some heart.”

Who do you think won this hip-hop beef?


Ma$e – The Oracle (Cam’Ron Diss)

Ma$e - The Oracle (Cam'Ron Diss)


(FreshAsFrankie) Ma$e and Cam’Ron’s relationship goes back years. The two have been friends and at one point were in the group Children of the Corn” together. But somewhere along the way things turned sour and today Ma$e delivers a scathing diss titled “The Oracle” aimed at Killa Cam.

Mase and Cam’ron Have Been Enemies Longer Than They Have Been Friends (Audio)

Mase and Cam'ron Have Been Enemies Longer Than They Have Been Friends (Audio)

(FreshAsFrankie) Rap legend & Harlem representative Mase is out for blood. The hip-hop vet decided to explain why he had to lyrically assault Cam’ron with the heavy-hitting diss, “The Oracle.”

This morning in a radio interview with Hot 97’s Ebro, Mase kept it clear on what forced him to empty the clip on Killa Cam this past black Friday.

Mase said (via phone):

“He said something that just pushed me over the edge, I’m not going to lie. When he said, ‘the bodily harm’ thing. Saying something about someone, I don’t take that seriously. When you start saying you’re going to do bodily harm or you’re thinking about that, it’s my job as a man to make sure you don’t get to do that. So, every other time when he was saying little stuff about me, I let it slide because you know, we grew up. But people don’t realize, we’ve been enemies’ way longer than we’ve been friends. So, I knew him as an enemy more than as a friend. I knew him for like 8 years as a friend, I knew him for 21 years for being an enemy. So, I don’t look at him as a friend.”

Killa Cam is currently on tour with the rest of Dipset and responded to Mase with the diss song, “Dinner Time.”


Cam’ron Says He Had Sex with Mase’s Sister, Made Her Squirt in the ’90s

Cam'ron Says He Had Sex with Mase's Sister, Made Her Squirt in the '90s
(FreshAsFrankie) The beef between Cam’ron and Mase heated up over the holiday weekend, leading to Cam reminiscing about his alleged relationship with Mase’s sister, Stason, while walking through Harlem.

While Mase’s sister denies Cam’s claims, the Dipset rapper seems certain that they hooked up in the mid-90s. Cam’ron said that he was just a teen when he and Stason allegedly hooked up, and he even went as far as to claim that he made Stason “squirt” when they had sex.

To hear more of the graphic details, hit the above clip.

Source: YouTube

Big Sean’s Ex Naya Rivera Arrested for Domestic Abuse Against Her Husband

Big Sean's Ex Naya Rivera Arrested for Domestic Abuse Against Her Husband
(FreshAsFrankie) Naya Rivera, a star on the show Glee and former significant other of Detroit‘s very own Big Sean was arrested for assaulting her husband late Saturday night.