Arrest Warrant Issued for Adrien Broner in Las Vegas Battery Case

Arrest Warrant Issued for Adrien Broner in Las Vegas Battery Case

(FreshAsFrankie) Adrien Broner is wanted by authorities after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest because the 28-year-old boxing pro failed to show up for a hearing in his Las Vegas battery case. Broner, however, says he was completely unaware of the hearing.

As many will recall, the Cincinnati native went ballistic on the Vegas strip back in September, shoving one woman hard and delivering a knockout sucker punch to a man.

Cell phone video obtained by TMZ shows Broner taking pics with fans before he loses his temper, though it’s unclear what about. As a female companion is seen trying to calm Broner down, he violently shoves her, almost knocking the woman off her feet. He then delivers a vicious punch to an unsuspecting man, knocking him out cold.

The four-time champ was cited for battery and ordered to appear in court Monday, Nov. 27. After he failed to appear, the judge issued a warrant.

According to TMZ, Broner told the site he was completely unaware there was a hearing happening, and if he had known he would have been there.

Further, the summons that was supposed to be sent to Broner was returned to the court because it was “not deliverable as addressed,” court records show.

Broner tells TMZ he’s trying to clear things up with the court.


Meek Mill Looking at Possible Prison Time for Violating Probation

 (FreshAsFrankie) Meek Mill is in big trouble with the law … trouble that could land him in prison for nearly 2 years.

Meek is going to court Monday for a couple of serious probation violations in his drug and weapons case … he was arrested for fighting at a St. Louis airport in March, and arrested again in August for recklessly driving his motorcycle in NYC.

The judge in the case has already made it clear … one false move and she’ll drop the hammer on Meek. In fact, in 2015 he left Pennsylvania for a gig without getting approval from the court and the judge put him on house arrest.

The 2 recent arrests are even more serious, and if Meek got house arrest for a travel faux pas, he’s in big big trouble now.

BTW … Meek’s airport case and reckless driving case have both already been dropped.

Worst case scenario … Meek could spend around 20 months in prison.

Bobby V and Transgender Accuser to Face Off in Court

Bobby V and Transgender Accuser to Face Off in Court
(FreshAsFrankie) August has proven to be a rough month for R&B singer Bobby Valentino. A few weeks back, Mr. “Slow Down” himself was caught on camera with a transgender escort who accused him of leaving without paying for her services. The woman, Reima Houston, claims she met Valentino at a concert, after which he agreed to help her with her own career. Once inside her apartment, she alleges that Valentino made sexual advances towards her, then she began recording.

Bobby V claims he’s being extorted and had no idea that Houston was an escort. His rep had this to say: “misrepresentation and Deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatens by acts of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video.” Look for this to get uglier by the day.

Source: The Boom Box

Former FBI Director James Comey to Lead Lecture Series at Howard University

Former FBI Director James Comey to Lead Lecture Series at Howard University
(FreshAsFrankie) Comey will be speaking at their 2017 convocation in September, which will kick off the school year. Along with speaking at the convocation, Comey was appointed the 2017-2018 Gwendolyn S. and Colbert King Endowed Chair in Public Policy for the University, which means he will be leading and conducting “five lectures and feature speakers that will touch on several topics.” According to Howard University, the series is “designed to foster fruitful discussion and spur meaningful interaction.”

For the position, Comey would be paid $100,000 for his work. However, he has made it clear that he would be donating the entire amount he would be compensated to a Howard scholarship fund. Comey issued a statement on being the King Chair for 2017 going into 2018, saying, “I am honored to hold the King Chair this school year. Howard has a longstanding history of being a vibrant academic community and the perfect place to have rich dialogue on many of the most pressing issues we face today. I look forward to contributing to this remarkable institution and engaging students and faculty alike.”