Sad Day In America Trump Pardons Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Trump Pardons Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio
(FreshAsFrankie) I can’t believe how these damn republican are just doing what they choose with no repercutions. Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio was excused from having to do prison time for criminal contempt on Friday, August 25. Arpaio received a Presidential pardon from Donald Trump that critics say he never consulted with the Department of Justice over.

Arpaio was found guilty of having disobeyed the 2011 orders of a judge who demanded that he discontinue the outlawed racial profiling tactics his office was using to bust down undocumented migrants. Many had suspected that Trump would bless Arpaio, who was a staunch supporter of his candidacy. Local politicians, including Phoenix’s mayor, had expressed worry that the President would cause a firestorm by choosing to pull the trigger during his rally in the city this past week. Trump didn’t go through with the move that very day, but he did hint that a pardon was coming down the pike.

A statement issued by the White House cited the 85-year-old Arpaio’s age and 50 years of service in law enforcement, and heralded his “life’s work of protecting the public from the scourges of crime and illegal immigration.” Arpaio would respond with a couple of tweet’s thanking the President, one of which read, “Thank you @realdonaldtrump for seeing my conviction for what it is: a political witch hunt by holdovers in the Obama justice department!”


Rev. Al Sharpton: The Breakfast Club: Talks Removing Confederate Memorials, The Minister March On Washington, Minister Louis Farakhan (Video)

Rev. Al Sharpton x The Breakfast Club: Talks Removing Confederate Memorials, The Minister March On Washington, Minister Louis Farakhan (Video)
(FreshAsFrankie) Reverend Al Sharpton came by The Breakfast Club studio to discuss the following topics:

·        Taking selfies

·        Perception that you’re not doing enough

·        Removing confederate memorials

·        Were shocked at what happened in Charlottesville in 2017

·        What role does the church play?

·        March on Washington on Monday

·        Donald Trump is a light weight

·        Is Trump a racist?

·        Impeachment

·        Do you think black people dropped the ball when Obama was in office?

·        Relationship with Minister Louis Farakhan

·        Losing weight, living healthy

·        What can the young people do?

·        How can white allies help?


Plies Tells Trump To Send KKK To Fight In Afghanistan

Plies Tells Trump To Send KKK To Fight In Afghanistan

On Monday night, August 21, President Trump announced that he was reversing course on past plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, and is committed to the long haul in a war the nation has exhausted for 16 years already. The move is a controversial one to say the least, and is receiving backlash from a huge swath of his very own base, who were expecting that he’d stick to his word based on how critical he was of Obama‘s occupation in the mountainous tribal region.

Plies has been known to talk politics and occasionally chime in on the President’s policies, and he didn’t miss a beat in attacking the Afghanistan plan. “You know what? I thought about it. Tonight the President said he wanna send 4,000 troops to Afghanistan; a war we’ve been fighting for 16 years and we ain’t won a damn thing yet. I came up with a better idea,” said the Florida rapper. “President of the United States: say, you got a problem with Afghanistan, how ’bout this? How ’bout you send us our troops home and you send your god damn parties over there to fight the Taliban. Send the goddamn KKK over there. Send the KKK to Afghanistan, and you let them fight the goddamn Taliban.”

The President spared little details on what the actual plans of the Afghanistan plan actually are, defending that he was taking a different approach than past administrations, which gave timelines and laid out fundamental components of their goals, have. “We are not nation-building again. We are killing terrorists,” he definitively said. However, he did commit that it will require from the American people clear, as he informed the public that he would indeed be raising troop levels.

David Banner: Trump Showed the World that Post-Racial America Doesn’t Exist

David Banner: Trump Showed the World that Post-Racial America Doesn't Exist

(FreshAsFrankie) David Banner, making an appearance on CNN, spoke about the climate of racial tension in the country following violent, racist demonstrations in Charlottesville this past weekend.

“I don’t understand why America acts so surprised. So for me, one thing that Trump was able to do was to show the world that the post-racial America that liberal white people were trying to talk about doesn’t exist,” Banner said.