Cardi B Abruptly Cancels All Remaining Tour Dates

Cardi B Abruptly Cancels All Remaining Tour Dates -- Find Out Why
Cardi cited her pregnancy as the reasoning behind the sudden cancellation of her upcoming concerts. So, if you have tickets to the Broccoli festival, than you’re in luck because that will be the star’s very last performance for the next few months. “Broccoli fest will be my last performance for a little while and everything,” she said in her IG video. “Because you know shorty keep growing! I be lookin’ like I be moving and everything, but in reality a b**ch barely can breathe.”

She added: “I wanna thank ya for understanding. I’ll be back for the Bruno Mars tour.” According to Cardi’s website, she’ll be missing tour dates in Florida, Texas,  Ireland, Norway, and New York City for the Panorama Music Festival. Mars’ 24K Magic Tour will kick off in September.  Watch her announcement video below.

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Before Cardi’s video ended, she made sure to thank her fans for understanding a couple of more times. The rapper also reminded people to continue checking out her debut Invasion Of Privacy album. When asked how her fans motivated her to keep going, Cardi exclusively told iHeartRadio in a previous interview: “As an artist, as a person that is in the spotlight of fame, this could be really depressing. It could get you down, and it’s like your fans remind you, ‘Listen, you’re not here because everybody hates, you’re here because people love you more than they hate you.’ So, they motivate me, not even with the album, just in life period.”

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