Dave East feat. BlocBoy JB ”No Stylist” (Video)

Dave East feat. BlocBoy JB ”No Stylist” (Video)

Fans of Dave East considered the first ”Karma” to be a classic. Karma stood out from his other projects because Dave East displayed a different sound than his supporters had seen on a full project.

The project was filled with club anthems, a variety of features, and a turn-up tempo.

Dave East proved that he couldn’t only tell stories and rap but could also make good feeling music. Dave East recently dropped his new music video for ”No Stylist” featuring ”Shoot” dance sensation BlocBoy JB.

Blocboy brings his hype and dance persona while Dave East adds his cool and grit approach.

They are both in different brackets in the rap game but have great chemistry. Hope to see more records with them in the future.

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