Judge Genece Brinkley Says She Will Not Remove Herself from Meek Mill Case

Judge Genece Brinkley Says She Will Not Remove Herself from Meek Mill Case

(FreshAsFrankie) Meek Mill is a free man. The Supreme Court of PA overruled Judge Genece Brinkley’s decision to keep the talented rapper in jail. Even prosecutors agreed that Brinkley should allow Meek to walk free after it was discovered that one of the cops that initially arrested him a decade ago was corrupt. For whatever reason, Brinkley still decided that Meek should remain in jail, and set a hearing to discuss the case. Her plans have been thwarted, if only momentarily, and Meek is now walking the streets once again.

According to TMZ, The Supreme Court of PA suggested that Brinkley remove herself from the case completely. It was a polite way to give the Judge a hint that her presence on the case has caused enough raised eyebrows, and that she should possibly distance herself from the situation.

Apparently, even judges need lawyers, and her attorney A. Charles Peruto, Jr. has stated that his client maintains that she has been fair throughout the decade that she has been overseeing Meek’s case. Brinkley is refusing to remove herself. Peruto also claims that Brinkley does not feel like The Supreme Court is going against her ruling in any way, and she plans to continue her agenda which most likely means she will rule in favor of the initial corrupt conviction.

Source: tmz.com

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