Kevin Gates Seeking Restraining Order Against His Parole Officer

Kevin Gates Seeking Restraining Order Against His Parole Officer

(FreshAsFrankie) Kevin Gates was released from prison four months ago after serving nine months of his proposed 30-month sentencing. The conditions of his release have forced Gates to be under a very strict probation that restricts his travel. As many of you know, a musician’s main source of income is usually touring, and without the ability to travel, Gates’ career is suffering.
Now, the “2 Phones” rapper is seeking a restraining order against his parole officer, who is restricting his travel although he has followed the conditions of his probation without deviation. According to The Source, Gates is suing the director of the Illinois Department of Corrections and his parole officer Ned Swartz for denying his travel requests for the next few months.

Gates states that the travel restriction has affected his ability to perform at upcoming shows, such as the JMBLYA Festival in Houston, Rolling Loud in Miami, the BET Awards in Los Angeles, and the Common Ground Festival in Michigan.

Gates would also like to see his children, which has been impossible for him to accomplish under the current conditions of his probation. Gates’ temporary restraining order against Swartz and the preliminary injunction to restrict the P.O. from stopping his travel have yet to move forward in court.


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