Nicki Minaj Slams DJ Self over Saying Cardi’s Album Was Better, Self Responds

Nicki Minaj Slams DJ Self over Saying Cardi's Album Was Better, Self Responds

There’s a social media scuffle at hand between Nicki Minaj and DJ Self. Apparently, there’s a bit of longstanding animosity on the part of Nicki toward Self and that came to a head when they crossed paths after Nicki’s recent iHeart Radio interview. She said DJ Self asked her for a drop and a hug to which she declined both. DJ Self then went on air and stated that Nicki’s album wasn’t better than Cardi B’s. What followed was Nicki explaining why she felt or knew DJ Self said about her album. However, it didn’t take long for DJ Self to speak his peace on the matter.

Check out Nicki’s initial tweets and DJ Self’s IG post in response in the slides above.


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