Prison Phone Call With Lil Wayne Bus Shooter & Birdman Surfaces

 Prison Phone Call With Lil Wayne Bus Shooter & Birdman Surfaces
Previously, the Cobb County DA was taking into consideration as to whether Birdman and Young Thug should be charged as co-conspirators in the 2015 bus shooting directed at Lil Wayne. Now, audio of a phone call between Birdman and the shooter Jimmy Winfrey while he was in prison has surfaced.

Listen above.

According to reports, the Cobb County District Attorney is considering whether or not to charge Birdman and Young Thug as co-conspirators in the 2015 Lil Wayne bus shooting. The DA is deliberating on whether Thugger and Birdman put the shooter, Jimmy Winfrey, up to the shooting. According to court documents, there are phone records indicating Young Thug and Winfrey spoke just 12 minutes before the shooting. There are also jailhouse phone records of Winfrey and Birdman conversing where Birdman was heard saying, “Time for you to come out here and get your money, […] You did everything you could do boss … it’s eye-opening. (It’s) strictly business, man.”

Lawyers for Young Thug and Birdman have yet to comment on the latest development.


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