Ralo Tour Bus Gets Stopped And Raided By Police

Ralo Tour Bus Gets Stopped And Raided By Police
Ralo was traveling to his next tour stop when he ran into some unexpected trouble.

Ralo had a long day on Saturday. The 1017 rapper has been on a high since releasing his latest project.

Ralo is a notable Rapper based out of Atlanta. He first gained recognition after being named dropped by Future on his “DS2” album.

Since then Ralo has seen his star power skyrocket. He has joined forces with fellow emerging artist Derez DeShon to form a new version of Rich Gang with Birdman awhile back.

In 2017, Ralo signed to 1017 Records, a record label formed by Gucci Mane. “Diary of the Streets 3” is Ralo’s latest project.

On Saturday, Ralo ran into trouble while preparing to head to his latest tour stop. His tour bus was stopped and searched by several police officers at a local gas station.

Attention police officers, I will never in my life ride with any drugs. I know yawl would love to lock me up for the rest of my life, but I’m no fucking dummy. The crimes that I committed no longer exists. Ima rapper now; you wanna see some shit, come to one of my shows.”

The cops were in search of weapons and drugs. No signs of illegal activity were found while cops searched the bus.

Ralo would also be stopped after later arriving at the airport to board his flight. He was searched for hours with his crew before later being allowed to travel on a later flight.

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