Riders Abandon Their Dirt Bikes and ATVs to Escape Police in Massachusetts

Riders Abandon Their Bikes and ATVs to Escape Police in Massachusetts

Seven arrests were made, around 20 off-road vehicles were seized, a state trooper was hospitalized, and one suspect was shot after a wild police chase through the Southeast Expressway in Massachusetts was cut off by a roadblock that sent between 25 and 35 motorists scrambling to elude capture, over the weekend.

Dozens of troopers congregated by Exit 18 on Interstate 93 at around 5:18 p.m. on Saturday, February 24. They were anticipating the arrival of a gang of riders on dirt bikes and ATV’s who had become the source of calls from concerned commuters and officers who pursued them through Boston and Cambridge. A photographer from the Herald (Nicolaus Czarnecki) had actually been able to position himself on a nearby overpass in order to record the moment the pack came head-on with authorities, and what he captured was chaos.

Most of those involved in the high-speed chase managed to flee by latching on to speedsters that beat the roadblock, but many of them didn’t get away with their rides. In the video, they are seen swarming, attempting to haul their bikes over the road barrier, and hopping off to make out on foot.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s office is currently investigating an officer-involved shooting on the scene that left one man wounded in the foot. He would be arrested and taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment. One trooper was also injured and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was treated for a knee injury.

Those who wound up being apprehended are facing charges of disorderly conduct and various motor vehicle crimes.

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