Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed

Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed
(FreshAsFrankie) The lawsuit brought up against Russell Simmons by a long-time associate who was accusing him of rape and sexual battery has been dismissed. After months of the press following a multitude of sexual misconduct claims being made against him, most of the coverage began to zero in on Jennifer Jarosik in January.

That’s when Jarosik came forth through the U.S. District Court to file documents that implicated Simmons in an attack that she says went down in his Los Angeles estate back in 2016. According to Jarosik, she had reconnected with Simmons about a decade after they initially met, and was invited to his residence to talk about a film she was looking to get produced.

While in his company, the rap mogul allegedly “pounced on her,” despite her having rejected a sexual advance that he made towards her. She was seeking a total in the ballpark of $5 million.

The suit was reportedly ‘dropped with prejudice,’ meaning that the matter can no longer be legally pursued. The fact that a stipulation for dismissal was signed by both parties also likely suggests that some kind of settlement had to be reached for the claimant to agree to put the case in the past.


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