Airlines Are Hiking up the Prices to Escape Hurricane Irma


(FreshAsFrankie) The pending Hurricane Irma that is set to hit Florida had many in a frenzy, as supermarkets were selling out of the water and canned goods, and gas stations were running out of gas.

Now, according to reports, airlines have been jacking up the prices ahead of the storm for those looking to get out of harm’s way. Yahoo spoke to a 53-year-old man named John Lyons who pointed out the spike in prices for the tickets out of Miami. He said “I logged in and expected to see $160, and frankly if I had seen $260 I wouldn’t have reacted. And I logged in and saw, $1,020, and I about had a heart attack.”

Lyons purchased a ticket for his daughter the night before and found that the price was $159.20 exactly. He noted that he bought the ticket with no issue. However, when he went to grab another ticket for his daughter’s roommate the next day, the price jumped $800. Lyons was so thrown off the by the hike in price, that he screens hotted the increase, and posted it to Facebook. On his post, he said “Very bad job by American Airlines. Booked a one-way ticket last night for my daughter to come home this Thursday night using this exact itinerary. Paid $160.00. Now with hurricane warnings in effect, American is gouging for the same ticket to the tune of over $1000 per person and close friends daughter who cannot afford is stranded.”

Another woman screenshotted Delta Airlines attempting to increase the price drastically for tickets out of Miami, with the ticket jumping from $547.50 to $3,258.50. After posting her findings to Twitter, Delta reached out and resolved her issue.


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