Congress Approves $7.85 Billion Hurricane Harvey Relief Package

Congress Approves $7.85 Billion Hurricane Harvey Relief Package
(FreshAsFrankie) While Hurricane Irma is on the horizon for Florida and tropical islands, the government is still putting time into relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane hit Houston, Texas and left many for dead, as well as homeless. Since then, Congress has approved $7.85 billion relief package for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

According to reports, Congress voted 419 to 3 in favor of approving a funding package with relief aid for Harvey. The breakdown for the package includes $7.4 billion for FEMA response to the situation and $450 million towards the Small Business Administration.

NPR noted that the bill is going to the Senate, where Majority Leader McConnell noted that a debt-ceiling increase will be attached, and the increase was asked for by Donald Trump. The administration says that the increase is necessary to get funding to send to the Gulf Coast, along with the money that may be needed for future Harvey relief efforts, along with efforts for Hurricane Irma.

Source: abcnews

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