Game’s Marijuana Business Profits May Be Seized to Pay Off $7 Million Debt


The Game’s sexual assault cause from 2015 continues to haunt him.

Just last week, the woman by the name of Priscilla Rainey won a $7 million judgment after she accused him of violating her on the set of reality TV show “She’s Got Game.”

On September 25, Rainey filed court documents in an attempt to collect the millions she’s owed by real name Jayceon Taylor.

The Blast reports she has received the necessary information on Game’s property and assets.

In addition to his $2.7 million home in Calabasas, his numerous vehicles, and his $1 million in royalty and touring income, Rainey is interested in his marijuana investment fund, which is raking in the dough for Game.

She proceeded to send a subpoena to Trees By Game, LLC to find out how much he is being paid from the company, and how much she can get towards her $7 million owed.

Game has yet to fork over any funds.

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