Judge Bans Pimp C's Wife from Handling His Estate

Judge Bans Pimp C's Wife from Handling His Estate
(NewsnMusic)  Judge Bans Pimp C’s Wife from Handling His Estate

A Texas judge stripped the late Pimp C’s widow of her title as administrator of his estate on Wednesday, October 26. The move comes on the heels of a legal battle between the rapper’s widow, Chinara Butler, and Pimp C’s son, Chad Butler Jr., who had been fighting to prove that Mrs. Butler had been mismanaging his affairs. Plans have been put in motion to designate a new administrator over the estate.

According to Butler Jr., since his father’s 2007 passing, Mrs. Butler [his step- mother] has been “grossly negligent” in distributing his possessions to their rightful heirs and had expended a portion of his assets, such as $150,000 of jewelry that belonged to the legendary southern rapper. Lawyers for Mrs. Chinara Butler would fire back that much of the money accrued from the estate were liquidated to settle financial matters, but also to be put towards keeping his brand alive. “As her attorney has proved when Mrs. Butler took on this role the estate was deep in dept,” a representative is reported as saying.

Ironically, Mrs. Butler had a positive response to the ruling, expressing relief that she can now focus on some of the less stressful ways of keeping the rapper’s legacy alive. “Mrs. Butler is actually okay with the judge’s decision,” her rep said. “For far too long, she alone has bore all of the responsibility and liability regarding the business of the estate.”

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