Juelz Santana Could Be Heading To Prison As Early As December

Juelz Santana Surrenders Over Airport Gun And Another Federal Warrant
The Dipset member just admitted to bringing a loaded gun to the airport.

Soon, rap star Juelz Santana will know how much time he will be spending behind bars for bringing a loaded gun to an airport in New Jersey.

The Dipset group member appeared in court today (August 16) and admitted he brought the weapon to Newark Liberty International Airport.

Juelz was locked up after authorities allegedly caught him with a gun, marijuana and illegal prescription drugs at Newark Airport on March 9.

The rapper then allegedly bolted from the airport in a cab, leaving behind his baggage and his identification.

After spending a week on the lam, he eventually surrendered to police and was released into the custody of his mother on April 6, thanks to a $500,000 bond secured by his mother’s house.

According to South Passaic Daily Voice, Juelz is looking at some prison time due to his previous felony convictions, which prohibit him from carrying firearms.

The rapper will learn just how much time he will spend locked up on December 12.

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