Khia Says She Hopes Tampa Residents Drown in Hurricane Irma

 (FreshAsFrankie) “My Neck, My Back” crooner Khia has made news in 2017 repeatedly for all the wrong reasons. The Florida rapper had a much-publicized beef with Miami native Trina which resulted in Khia releasing a string of Instagram live videos shaming her for “not owning her stripper past” in the same ways the Cardi B has. The lady MC did not stop there, targeting Blac Chyna, calling her a “h**” who “sold p*ssy” before later calling out Remy Ma for beefing with Nicki Minaj while her husband, Papoose, sat at home. Khia has been busy attracting beef with any and everyone, but her recent comments have landed her in hot water.

Khia Reportedly Says She Hopes Tampa Residents Drown in Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has made landfall in the Caribbean and is expected to be the worst the area has seen in 100 years. Irma comes right after the estimated $190 billion in damage caused by Hurrican Harvey in Texas.

When asked to donate toward the cause in Florida, Khia had this to say, “I hope it wipe they f**k ass out The only way those spider monkeys will root and leave. Please lord.” “Ain’t my city I hope them b**ches drown.”

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Source: theshaderoom

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