Swizz Beatz Says “F##k” Those “MAGA” Hats And Sparks A Political War With Kanye!

Swizz Beatz Says "F##k" Those "MAGA" Hats And Sparks A Political War With Kanye!

One person who clearly is just NOT here for the Kanye antics is Swizz Beats.

While the world has watched ‘Ye pretty much spiral into the oblivion, he seems clueless as to the impact of his own statements, alliances, and influences.

Recently, he’s been caught in a sea of confusing choices, from his questionable (yet catchy) collaboration with Lil Pump on “I Love It”, to donning a #MagaHat with a Kaepernick T-shirt.


Well, his commentary from last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” where he mentioned feeling “bullied” for wearing the hat, did not go over so well with Swizz. He took to his Instagram, where he offered his own insight into the situation.

Kanye Dressed As A Water Bottle, And Defends Donald Trump On "SNL" - AllHipHop.com

“We sat in the studio less than 48 hours ago…me, Teyana Taylor, a bunch of us….I expressed how uncomfortable the culture feels with you wearing a hat that represents a person that blatantly disrespects our people”.

I see no lies.

Well, Swizz took it all a step further than just a rant and rave. Apparently, he’s been busy throughout the night because his laptop had cued and ready to go a brand new track. “F•CK A MAGA HAT!” Swizz chants throughout the militant styles beat, before the bass drops and gives us that signature Swizz energy.

I wonder who will be brave enough to hop on the track and sign an allegiance toward Kanye for his erratic behavior?

Beat goes hard either way… •Kanye shrug•

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